The Caraplace Caretakers

A group of very dedicated and diligent volunteers give up a few hours of their time every week to look after the turtle hatchlings in the Caraplace. They receive one-week of training and induction in food preparation, water quality monitoring, operation of a re-circulatory sea water system, feeding, handling, and grooming turtle hatchlings. There is a lot of cleaning to maintain high-hygiene standards and conduct regular tests as part of the quality assurance plan for the Caraplace. Because of the intense training involved, we request that volunteers sign up for at least four months, at the end of which they are issued with a Blue Apprentice Certificate in sea turtle hatchling husbandry


Chelsea Petrik

Team Leader—Chelsea

The Monday Team

Chelsea is an international student from Florida in the Unites States and is completing her Masters in Marine Biology and Ecology this semester. Chelsea has worked with sea turtles around the globe: Leatherbacks and Kemp’s Ridleys in Costa Rica, Loggerheads in Florida, now Greens in the Caraplace. She became involved in the Caraplace as a volunteer at the start of the year and now has become a team leader. She is looking forward guiding other volunteers through the same enriching experience at the Caraplace.

Team Leader—Sarah Cross

The Tuesday Team

Sarah is from the little known Town of 1770 and is in her third year of a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Advanced Marine Biology. She became involved with the Caraplace in July 2017 through the JCU Marine Biology and Aquaculture Internship program. She completed her Turtle Health Research Blue Apprenticeship, levels I and II, and continues working as one of the Team Leaders in the Caraplace.
Claire Moad

Team Leader – Claire Moad


The Wednesday Team

Claire is originally from Melbourne, Victoria, and is in her third year of study in a BSc majoring in Advanced Marine Biology. Claire became involved with The Caraplace through the Marine Biology and Aquaculture Internship Program at JCU and she undertook the Turtle Health Research Blue Apprenticeship. She has been volunteering at the Caraplace for almost 2 years and continues in her role as Team Leader
Team Leader – Kezia Drane

The Thursday Team

Kezia is Townsville born and bred with a Bachelors degree in Biomedical Science. She is currently deferring postgraduate study whilst she works full time as a microbiologist. Kezia became involved in the Caraplace as a volunteer in 2017 and worked extensively through the holiday periods to keep the hatchlings healthy. She is continuing in her role as team leader as she loves coming in to see the turtles every week and make sure they are well looked after.

Team Leader – Bella Rambaldini

The Friday Team

Bella is originally from Sydney and is currently in her last semester of a Masters in Marine Biology and Ecology. She has an absolute passion for sea turtles and has volunteered with loggerheads in Greece in the summer months in 2016 and 2017. She has been a volunteer at the Caraplace since the beginning of this year and now has the privilege to lead the team and share her passion for sea turtles with other volunteers.

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