Get Involved!

Get involved and make a difference

1. Spread the Word

If you love turtles and like the work that we are doing, please share our cause with your friends and peers. You can do this by using the floating social sharing buttons on the left. You can also follow us through our social media accounts (top right) to follow our research progress and find out how your favourite reptilian neighbours are doing.

2. Volunteer

We generally source our field volunteers through the Sea Turtle Foundation Register of Volunteers and work closely together in the field if there is a beach component and the public is involved. This is the best place for you to register and will also give you other sea turtle conservation opportunities.

3. Donate

Supporting Turtle health and wellbeing through research is not only a noble cause, it is a worthy investment. Should you wish to donate to the Turtle Health Research, kindly click the the green button below where you will be redirected to our Everyday Hero donation page. There you will have the choice to make a donation or engage in a fundraising event if you want to actively participate. All donations – no matter the size – are greatly appreciated.
Donations can be directed towards:

  • The Caraplace – Help us keep the hatchlings healthy and happy by donating to feed them and keep them in well-filtered, warm, saltwater.
  • Field Research – Donate to provide us with the tools we need to safely and efficiently sample wild turtle populations to check for any virus or disease outbreaks.
  • Research Team – Take a look at our current research projects and tell us if there is one in particular that you would like to support with a donation towards laboratory equipment and reagents

To discuss your preference for the use of the money and the current needs of the team, you can also contact Associate Professor Ellen Ariel directly (

Thank You!

All of our research and operations are funded by organisations or private donors, who take an interest in turtle conservation. We are very grateful for this as we would not be able to do it without them and would therefore like to acknowledge their generous contribution and support.

Big Thank You Goes to:

  • Glencore
  • James N. Kirby Foundation
  • The John Villiers Trust
  • William Richards Trust
  • John T Reid Charitable Trusts
  • WWF-Australia
  • The Winifred Violet Scott Charitable Trust
  • The E Robert Hayles and Alison L Hayles Charitable Trust
  • Albert George and Nancy Caroline Youngman Trust
  • Sea Turtle Foundation
  • Raymond Rudd Msc.
  • NQ Dry Tropics
  • Townsville Triathlon
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